1. This 100% crystal, three person bathtub from Baldi-Harrods, is priced at nearly $800,000 (depending on currency exchange rates.)

    The bath is one gigantic block of natural crystal and is guaranteed for 200 years.

    Baldi, an Italian company that specializes in luxury items for the home made from precious materials found the huge crystal in the Amazon rain forest. The company used the crystal to create the world’s largest bathtub for Harrods in London.

    This is the second crystal bathtub Baldi has created. The first, created from the same piece of immense crystal was created and displayed at  Salone del Mobile in 2008 and immediately was snatched up by a rich Russian, who established the price of $858,763 (700,000 Euros) for the tub. 

    Baldi is known by interior designers world-wide. For generations, Baldi, has leveraged a refined taste to serve the design community.

    Two familes Ponziani and Consani, started the business in Florence, Italy in the early 1800s making statues, busts, and memorials for prestigious clients, palaces and museums.

     Vincenzo Consani passed his love of beauty from natural materials through the family.

    Great artistic taste is the hallmark of Ponziani Bottega, who made a mark via reproduction of furniture, sculputure and especially candelbras.

    For generations, Baldi has availed on the finest artisans to create masterpieces with an enduring artistic appeal.

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