Thoughts on sadness

Life is not sad. She has sad hours. 
Romain Rolland 
I have learned from experience that happiness or sadness belong 
above all to our state of mind and not to the circumstances of life. 
Martha Washington 
Negativity is like a black cloud that can 
wrap you up if your inner light is not 
strong enough to dissolve it. 
Eileen Caddy 
Often a false joy is better than a sadness 
whose cause is true. 
René Descartes 
It is in absolute ignorance of our raison d’etre that 
is the root of our sadness and disgust. 
Anatole France 
Sadness is a wall raised between two gardens.
Khalil Gibran 
Melancholy is the happiness of being sad. 
Victor Hugo 
The crack through which sorrow slips is the one by which you 
have let the world of appearances and trifles enter the world. 
Hélène Grimaud 
It is difficult to remedy our own sadness because 
we are accomplices. It is difficult to remedy 
that of others because we are captive. 
Jean Baudrillard 
On the wings of time, sorrow flies away. 
Jean de la Fontaine 
A single moment of joy hunts a hundred moments of sadness. 
Ernst Jünger 
Do not let sadness hug you before the earth takes you in its womb. 
Omar Khayyâm
Sadness makes old before the hour. 
Hazrat Ali 
The desire that springs from joy is stronger than the desire that springs from sadness. 
Baruch Spinoza 
There is some pleasure in crying. Through tears, 
pain exhausts itself and exhales itself. 
It is always in the eyes that people are the saddest. 
Romain Gary 
Living a deep sadness can sometimes 
strengthen your ability to feel joy. 
Markéta Irglová 
The only difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the former 
is a happy imbecile and that the second is a sad fool. 
Georges Bernanos 
The sadness that actsis a relatively healthy sadness. 
Anne Barratin 
The soul resists much more readily to acute 
pain than prolonged sadness. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
The joy of the mind makes the bodies full of vigor, 
and the sadness of the heart dries up the bones. 
The Bible 
Sadness looks back, worry looks 
around, faith looks up. 
You know what melancholy is? Have you ever seen an eclipse? 
Well, that’s it: the moon that slips before the heart, 
and the heart that no longer gives its light. 
Christian Bobin 
How many of your sadness often have derisory causes:
a little annoyance, a little humiliation. Well, instead 
of letting yourself be overwhelmed by ruminating all this, it is time 
to manifest your kindness. Not only will you find 
your inner peace, but you will gain friends. 
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov 
You are not justified to be sad when 
this sadness is due to selfish motives. 
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov 
It is permissible to be saddened, but only because of the difficulties or 
misfortunes of others, not because of his unfulfilled desires and ambitions. 
Omraam Mikhaël Aîvanhov 
Joy and grief, pleasure and sadness live us alternately, just like
day and night, life and death. If you wish to progress spiritually, 
consider them as the two banks of a river flowing in the same direction. 
Native American Wisdom 
Learn to write your wounds in the sand and engrave your joys in the stone. 
Chinese Proverb
We can not prevent black ideas from flying over our heads, 
but we can prevent them from making their nests there. 
Tibetan Proverb 
Souris even if your smile is sad, for if there is something sadder 
than a sad smile, it is sadness that you do not know how to smile . 
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Freedom from sadness,
do not let it become a comfortable habit. 

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