Time to Cruise

Time to Cruise

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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a cruise ship, but I have some great memories.  I have cruised the Caribbean, Bahamas, Canada and Hawaii for some pretty unique experiences.  Along the way, I’ve watched the ships get larger and add more amenities.  I’ve also watched the prices go steadily… down.

    Logic would say that building a bigger ship cost a lot of money so the passengers are going to pay more, but that’s not quite the way it works.  Sending a cruise liner out in the ocean (or sea) with a staff full of people, a kitchen (or two) of food, paid entertainment and plenty of gas, costs a lot of money.   It’s not going to work for anyone if that ship is empty.  It’s certainly not a secret that the economy isn’t the greatest and staycation has become more popular to many than vacation. 

    My dad (who was a part time travel agent) loved to travel and would often say that the deal was so good it would cost more to stay home. That was never truer than now.  The cruise lines are offering some of the best deals I’ve ever seen so if you ever thought about spending your dazes gazing at the stars, enjoying entertainment or playing in the casino, while your days are spent exploring a different site each day and eating more food than you should, now’s the time to do it. 

    Here is a sampling of what I’ve seen recently.  Keep in mind that all deals are subject to change – and they may even get better:

    I can personal vouch for the slogan “Fun Ship” when it comes to Carnival.  They are offering cruises for under $200 a person, with upgrade offers and even better specials to past guests.  Check out everything they have to offer on their website or call 1-888-227-6482.

    Norwegian Cruise Line has been in the news a lot lately because of the Epic, an enormous city-like ship that holds over 4,000 passengers.  I have not seen this ship yet, but I can let you in on another NCL must-do.  This is the only cruise line to offer a roundtrip Hawaii itinerary, offering you time on each island without packing, unpacking and de-planing. Check out some of their deals to paradise.

    Celebrity is expanding their locations, their ships and their itineraries, and still offering some terrific prices, like $600 for seven nights on the Soltice enjoying exotically beautiful ports like  Roatan and Puerto Costa Maya.  See their latest on their website

    I have never had the pleasure of a Princess Cruise, but I have to say I’ve only heard good things.  Princess is offering some good specials now, but I’m more excited about what they have in store for 2011.  Their itineraries include Asia, Africa & India; Australia & New Zealand; and one of my dreams , Hawaii, Tahiti and the South Pacific.  If you book online now, you can take advantage of their sale.

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