1. For many, the process of cleaning the home should be done as quickly and easily as possible. Cleaning
    in an environmentally friendly way, though, can be a bit more of a challenge. Either one must find
    the right products for natural cleaning or create their own.

    Using toxic chemical products can lead to a dangerous situation for both families and the environment.
    According to Pure Organic Carpet Cleaning, women who spend most of their time at home have an over 50%
    chance of dying from cancer than other women. In addition, the environment suffers as well. People pour
    down the drain over 32 million pounds of these cleaners each day; when sewage treatment plants are unable
    to filter out these substances, they reach the rivers, polluting not only the surrounding ecological
    system but also eventually returning to the water supply. Clearly, these cleaners are outdated and
    should not be used in the home.

    Luckily, many environmentally safe cleaning products are available. In the past, most such products
    were only available online. However, with the growing awareness of environmental destruction and the
    desire to live green, more companies are producing natural cleaning products that are available at
    grocery stores.

    According to an article on lovetoknow.com, there is little regulation regarding the claims made by these companies, and so a hefty price tag and a new green label are the only benefits of these products. Additionally, the government does not require these companies to list all chemicals in their products, leaving the consumer to wonder if this eco friendly cleaning product is truly green. Luckily, manufacturers such as Seventh Generation have a good reputation and are also distributing their products to most local stores. Some will be able to find Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in a health food store in their area. These organic soaps can be used in a variety of ways, making their purchase a bit frugal in their versatility.

    Those who want to have a cheaper, environmentally friendly household will find friends in two common
    products, baking soda and vinegar. Used either in combination or separately, these two items can clean most
    any surface, whether tile or linoleum. Although they would not be suitable for specialized surfaces, baking soda and vinegar are not harmful for the more common sinks and bathtubs.

    With a little bit of experimentation, one can find a method for non toxic cleaning that will suit their family
    and their budget. Whether homemade or purchased, natural cleaners can produce a clean home without the
    toxic side effects.

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