Tips To Help Prevent Your PC from Being Infected With A Virus

Tips To Help Prevent Your PC from Being Infected With A Virus

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  1. Viruses can cause a variety of errors on your PC. Some can be a mild annoyance and then there are the ones that wreak havoc on your operating file system and can destroy a Windows installation completely, causing you to have to reinstall your operating system. But, with a little bit of preventive maintenance you can help to avoid any of these scenarios from occurring.

    Anti-virus software is a must. There are many free programs out there that work quite well, but if you don’t mind shelling out the cash, there are some great paid ones as well. Not everyone will have the same needs, so it’s best to spend a little time with Google researching your options so that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Next on the must-have list is a good spyware and/or adware removal program. There are some good, free options, one is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and the other one is Super Anti-Spyware Free Edition. Both of these are great choices. Not only do both of these detect spyware adware and malware, but they also pick up certain Trojan viruses as well. But once again, you may want to do a little research of your own and determine the ones that you feel provide the features you need.

    Whichever programs you choose, make sure to keep them updated as well as your anti-virus software. If you are a heavy internet user, it is advisable to do an anti-virus scan daily, which you can set to run at a specific time each day within the settings of the software. The same is true for your spyware and malware software. Usually running these types of programs once a week will be enough, but once again it depends on how heavily you use the internet.

    All of the above listed techniques will help to protect you against being infected by a virus, but remember not everything is guaranteed 100%. If you suspect your computer may be infected with a virus, consult a professional as soon as possible to help prevent the symptoms from becoming worse or your personal privacy from being invaded.

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