Top 10 Fictional Characters on Twitter

Top 10 Fictional Characters on Twitter

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  1. Darth Vader – @darthvader

    Darth Vader

    This Darth Vader imitator uses both Star Wars references and the well-known Darth Vader way of speaking to combine pop culture and one of the greatest series of our time.

    "Palpy goading me to turn Rebecca Black to the Dark Side but I’d much rather recruit the real villains – her parents."


    Homer J. Simpson – @HomerJSimpson

    Homer Simpson

    If Homer Simpson was real, this account would probably be exactly what he would be tweeting. Funny, forgetful and never boring, this twitter account is full of "DOH!"

    "I ate two slices and then realized my pizza looked just like pac-man. So this is what a religious experience feels like."


    Drunk Hulk – @DRUNKHULK

    Drunk Hulk

    What’s better than a large, enraged, green man? A drunk large, enraged, green man. This is exactly what Drunk Hulk is. From the Hulk’s dating excusions to his take on current events, every tweet is in full caps and hilarious.



    Barbie – @BarbieStyle


    Take a look into Barbie’s world. This account follows Barbie’s celebrity excursions.

    "Playing Apples to Apples with Ken, Skipper and Stacie. Good thing I know these dolls like the back of my heel!"


    Barney Stinson – @Broslife

    Barney Stinson

    Womanizer! Barney Stinson, the hilarious player from How I Met Your Mother, describes his dating excursions and the women he encounters. It is not always appropriate, but neither is Barney Stinson.

    "Women are like gremlins. You never want to feed them after midnight."


    The Dark Lord – @Lord_Voldemort7

    Lord Voldemort

    He-who-shall-not-be-named is a twitter account that is followed by muggles and deatheaters alike. Never breaking character, Lord Voldemort is one of my personal favorite people to follow because it is always funny and always sarcastic (or is it?).

    "I’ve won a Shorty Award. As with my other trophies, I’ll turn it into a horcrux & hope people take that "I died laughing" thing seriously."


    Peter Griffin – @PeterGriffyJr

    Peter Griffin

    Get your daily does of Peter-isms with this account. Peter Griffin, the child-like father figure from Family Guy, will share with you his advice and wisdom.

    "A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" Father replied, "I don’t know son, I’m still paying."


    Oscar The Grouch – @orangeoscar

    Oscar the Grouch

    Always a trash reference. Always funny. Oscar the Grouch is a grown-up approach to the Sesame Street alumni.

    "I’ve been down in the dumps ever since I heard @TIME snubbed me on their twitter list. Yeah, that place always cheers me up."


    Superman/ Clark Kent – @jerksuperman


    An interesting approach to a super hero, Jerk Superman is a look into all of the thoughts in the back of this American hero’s mind.

    "Sometimes I fly in to toy shops and break all of the Batman figurines."


    Bronx Zoo’s Cobra – @bronxzooscobra

    Bronx Zoo CobraEveryone remember when the Cobra got out of the Bronx Zoo in Spring 2011? Well this account shows the hilarious excursions of a snake loose in the city (it even hacked Ryan Seacrest!)

    "Got a bagel at H & H Bagels on upper west side. When I ordered I said, "I’ll have the snakes on a PLAIN." He did not laugh. Tough crowd."

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