Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Save Lives – 5. Therapeutic Gift Baskets & Fruit Baskets

Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Save Lives – 5. Therapeutic Gift Baskets & Fruit Baskets

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  1. Therapeutic gift baskets and fruit baskets make great gifts for the holiday season.  They are full of things to help people relax, promote healthier eating habits, and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle.

    In general, many of us do not have the time to relax and take care of ourselves like we should.

    Gift baskets have a way of grouping things to make them look more desirable for usage.       

    Therefore, by giving your loved ones gift baskets, it makes them take advantage of things they would normally overlook purchasing for themselves.

    So, if you are thinking…My mother doesn’t take hot baths.

    Then maybe you should help her take more time out of the day to soothe her achy muscles and nourish her sensitive skin.   

    Therapeutic gifts that make great basket items are:

    • Muscle rubs
    • Natural Bubble baths & Shower gels
    • Body exfoliations
    • Body & Bath oils
    • Heated Neck & Bath Pillows
    • Homemade glycerin soaps
    • Aromatherapy
    • Candles
    • Healthy Cookbooks



    Healthy gifts that go well in fruit baskets are:

    • Assorted fruit
    • Health & Protein Bars
    • Vitamins & Herbal Supplements
    • Healthy drinks
    • Wine

    Wine is a good source of antioxidants, and it helps to lower high blood pressure levels.

    However, experts suggest that wine is only beneficial if consumption is at or below 2-glasses a night. And, red wine is recommended by many healthcare professionals over white. 

    To purchase therapeutic spa gift baskets log on to


    Check your local grocery store or farmers market to purchase fruit baskets for holiday gifts.

    However, it is more cost effective to purchase fruit and make your own basket. You may be able to make 3 baskets for the same price you’ll pay to for 1 pre-made basket.

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