Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Save Lives!

Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Save Lives!

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  1. As the holiday’s approach and the season begins to change; there is one thing to be certain of, and that is the fact that Christmas is coming weather you like it or not.

    Therefore, you have only one of two options.

    Either, prepare yourself to join the bandwagon and become that overly gleeful human-being that wants to brighten the room with holiday cheer.

    Or, you can choose to be that silent shallow dark structure holding down chairs at the holiday parties.

    No matter which situation you see yourself in, one thing holds true for all…the more you extend yourself to help other people have a better life; you will find that your accomplishments will start to multiply in rates you never imagined.

    For those skeptical believers I challenge you to designate this holiday season to be the Season For Saving Lives!

    Holiday’s are the perfect time to give the gift of love. Showing love doesn’t always require spending money. The most important component to giving is to put your heart into whatever you do for others.

    Below are a list of the Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Save Lives! Starting December 9 2010, The Mind-Body Connection will release a series of daily articles explaining what makes these gifts "lifesavers".

    Also, we will show you how to help empower your situation in life by bettering the lives of others.

    Top Ten Christmas Gifts That Save Lives

    1.Therapeutic Gift Certificate (Massage, Chiropractic, Fitness Sessions)
    2.Charity Contributions (Time, Money, Products or Services)
    3.Charity Deeds(pay a bill for someone)(lend a helping hand)(habitat for humanity)
    4.Gift of Love (animals)
    5.Therapeutic Gift Baskets & Fruit Baskets
    6.Quality Time (family, nursing homes & hospitals, foster homes and boarding houses)
    7.Shop at places that give a percentage of the proceeds to charity
    8.Adopt a family
    9.Help the Homeless (pass out food, care kits, give a buck)
    10.Be creative (Clean someone’s house or cook them dinner.)

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