1. Sometimes, a day at the office can get pretty boring. Studying for class or writing that term paper can become tedious. Occasionally there is nothing to do around the house. When boredom rears it’s ugly head one of the best waste to kill time is an internet game.

    The games can range from silly flash games that lack a story and a point, to an in depth real time strategy game played with others. Regardless of the game type, below are the 10 best internet games.

    In Bookworm the player must race against the clock to create words. As the game goes on the levels become more difficult, and your worm encounters harder scenarios. When playing Bookworm watch out for burning tiles. This is one of the better internet word games out there.

    Speed Back
    This game allows the player to take control of a football player, and the goal is to run for a touchdown without being tackled. Sounds easy enough, but the defense is fast, aggressive, and always ready to bring you down. There are power ups throughout each level that increase your back’s skills, and help to avoid tacklers. If you like internet sports games this is for you.

    Uphill Rush
    Skateboard games are fun. Quad racing games are fun, and so are motorcycle games. Uphill Rush combines all three. Each type of vehicle has its own level, with multiple stages, and difficulties. Not only do you score points for racing, but pulling off cool tricks helps your score as well. If you can beat these first three levels bonus levels are opened up.

    Mafia Wars
    Mafia Wars immerses the player in the world of a shady mafia don. You begin the game as a bottom rung mafia member and must work your way to the top. This is a strategy game that requires the player to level up and complete quests; while at the same time defend their territory from other players. This game is highly involved and quickly becomes very addicting.

    Similar to Mafia Wars, Evony pits you against other online foes. In this game you must build a city in the middle ages from the ground up. Once your city is built, you have the ability to battle other players, and eventually conquer their cities. There is a rich online atmosphere with other players including alliances, truce agreements, and a marketplace.  

    Conquer Club
    This isn’t so much a game as it is a platform for world domination. If you are familiar with a certain board game who’s ultimate goal is world domination, then this is the place for you. The rules here are the same as the board game that shall not be mentioned. However on Conquer Club you have the luxury of playing online, using different maps, and even tweaking those standard rules a bit.

    If dominating the globe is too tall of an order than Casualty might have what you are looking for. In this game you click on interactive parts of the screen in order to kill little stick figures. The stick figures get increasingly cunning and become more difficult to kill with every new level. If you enjoy this game there are multiple sequels available online that will help quench your thirst for stick figure blood.

    Dolphin Olympics
    Dolphin Olympics may not sound like the most fun game in the world, but it is, and once you get started you won’t stop playing. The goal of this game is to have your dolphin jump as high as it can. The more speed you gain, and tricks you perform in the air the higher your dolphin can go. Once things really get going this dolphin game is out of this world.

    Escape the Bathroom
    The name of this game is much grosser than the game itself. This game is a twist on internet puzzle games, it is a point and click adventure where you must interact with the environment around you to escape the bathroom. It takes some puzzle solving ability to finally escape the bathroom, but thankfully there is a whole series of escape games that will continue to challenge you.

    Fantastic Contraption
    The hardest game on the list is last. The aim of this game is simple, build a machine to carry the red square across the goal. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. By the final levels you feel like an engineer having built so many wacky contraptions. There is no one you don’t look up a walk through video in order to pass some of the harder levels. This game will keep you interested for a long time.

    There are many great games available to play on the internet, but these 10 are the best. Have Fun!


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