1. Relationships can be fulfilling in many ways but there are important aspects to a relationship including respect, intimacy, fun, compatibility and so much more that must be present in order to make the relationship work.  Below are some marriage tips, flirting tips, kissing tips, and love tips to help you nurture the relationship that you both need and want. 

    1.              Friendship:  Building a strong friendship foundation is the best way to start a non-platonic relationship.  When two people enter into a relationship as friends they tend to be more of themselves rather than the person they think the other person wants them to be.  Many long-lasting relationships have grown from platonic relationships into good, healthy romantic relationships.  Developing a good friendship also sets the stage for long-term relationship success because the two have taken the time to get to know each other and learn the likes and dislikes, goals, ambitions, and general life outlook of the other person. 

    2.              Marriage Material:  Most people want to date a person that they feel at some point will be good marriage material.  By saying this I mean that people look for characteristics in their significant others that they want in the person they marry.  True not everyone dating has marriage on the mind but, at some point they will want to see some of those prerequisites are present.  Marriage itself is not something that should be taken lightly.  Along with marriage come major commitments, lifestyle changes, character adjustments and compromise. So if you or your mate is not ready for these types of changes, remain friends until the relationship develops otherwise.  Remember, good friendships can turn into good marriages but it is important to make sure that is something that you both want and are prepared for.  Again, developing a good friendship sets the stage for relationship success.  Good relationships start out as friends, venture into non-platonic relationships and ultimately, marriage and to have a good marriage, you need to have a good friendship because that is what will help keep your marriage alive. 

    3.              Intimacy:  Intimacy, a very important part of any non-platonic relationship.  Intimacy in a relationship takes you to a higher level, a level much higher than that experienced in a platonic relationship, or it should anyway.  Intimacy involves aspects of the relationship that goes deeper than most people imagine because intimacy involved not only physical intimacy but mental intimacy too.  Experiencing mental intimacy is a great experience but number one on the intimacy chart seems to be physical intimacy.  Both mental and physical intimacy involves things such as flirting and kissing.  Flirting with your mate can be fun!  Flirting can take you back to the first time the two of you met and remind you of what it was that attracted you to your mate and him or her to you.  You will learn which types of intimacy are important to you and to your mate as your relationship progresses and, once you find out, be sure to keep those intimacy flames alive.  Keeping the intimacy flames alive with help keep your friendship and relationship alive and this is very important for the success of both your friendship and romantic relationship with your mate.  They say a kiss is woth a thousand words and for some, that may be true.  Also on the intimacy list is kissing and kissing has been said to be one of the more popular acts of intimacy.  This is because the kiss or kissing sparks and arouses feelings from within and leads to other acts of intimacy as well.  Kissing to some is more important than the actual act of other forms of intimacy, especially French kissing.  The art of kissing is not something that you learn from a book…or maybe you can but, it is something that you learn throughout your years of dating.  Kissing is also one of those things that have to be practiced in order to be perfected.  The funny thing about kissing is that one person may prefer as different style of kissing and another person may prefer another.  There is nothing more frustrating than learning the art of kissing according to one person’s style then you break up with them and the new person has a whole different style of kissing.  Then, it’s back to the drawing or should we say kissing board.    

    4.              Respect:  Aretha Franklin said it best R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Respect means different things to different people.  If you are unsure what respect means to the person you are dating, ask!  Respect should be given and received.  A relationship without respect will suffer in many ways.  In fact, respect is such a big factor in a relationship that many good relationships have failed due to lack of respect.  Respect shows in the way you speak to one other in harmony and disagreement.  It shows in the way you act toward one another in accord and disaccord.  It also shows in the way that you care about each other’s feelings.  Respect is also one thing that most couples say is lacking in their relationship.  Go into a relationship with respect being one of the highest prerequisites on your list and know that you will have to give respect and receive respect in order for the relationship to thrive positively. 

    5.              Communication:  Good communication is top on the prerequisite list also.  Most people think of communication as only verbal but, communication skills are expressed in body language, facial expressions and even written.  As a rule, you should always communicate with your mate or spouse in a loving, respectful manner. 

    6.              Honesty:  High on the relationship requirement list is honesty.  The truth is no one wants be in a relationship with a dishonest person.  Though in some situations honesty may not reap the response that you hope for, it is the best route to take.  Dishonesty has broken up many homes and relationships and it takes more energy and continuous lies to continue a relationship based on dishonesty than it does to maintain one based on honesty.  Dishonesty is an act of betrayal and is sometimes hard to overcome.  It is worse for your mate to find out on his or her own that you were dishonest than it would be to hear it from you so that a solution to the problem can be found.  Lying only adds one more thing to overcome. The situation that caused you to be dishonest and the dishonesty itself.  Dishonesty is not worth it. 

    7.              Compatibility:  Two people who are compatible have more fun together because they share the majority of the same interests.  If you are in a relationship with someone who likes the beach and you like mountain climbing and neither is willing to bend to appease the other, chances are your compatibility level is low.  Being compatible allows the two of you to do more things together as a couple and actually enjoy each other’s company rather than it being a chore.  Find someone who likes some of the same things you like and also be willing to compromise if the person is willing to compromise for you.    

    8.              Fun:  It is important to have fun together.  Laughing, playing, going places and doing things together nurture a good healthy relationship.  Incorporate play time into your schedules and never let things get too busy for you not to have fun with each other.  Laughing has been said to improve overall health conditions so laugh, live and love for a long time. 

    9.              Confidentiality:  Confidentiality is priceless in a relationship.  Two people in a relationship should be able to talk to one another about anything and rest assured that the content of their conversation will remain confidential.  When two people are in a trusting relationship, they tend to share their personal lives and other secrets with that special person.  Make sure you keep confidential information, confidential.  It is hard to find someone that you can trust with your innermost secrets so if you find someone that you can share them with, give them the same respect and keep their secrets secret too. 

    10.          Be Goal Oriented:  Set goals and work collaboratively to accomplish them.  Working together to accomplish goals can make tasks easier to manage and more fun to complete. The old adage that two heads are better than one can be easily demonstrated when it comes to completing goals as a couple.  It also gives a strong sense of togetherness because you are working together.  Set your goals and allow your mate to set his or hers and work together to help each other accomplish them. 

    Relationships are what you make of them.  Love each other, respect each other and allow each other to be individuals while nurturing a relationship of togetherness.

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