Top 10 Twitter Extensions for Your Browser

Top 10 Twitter Extensions for Your Browser

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  1. Twitter is all about convenience. That’s why these browser extensions have been increasingly popular among the twitter masses. Depending on your browser, you have the option of many different types of twitter browser plug ins. Here are the top twitter extensions for your specific browser.

    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome

    Chromed Bird is all the rage for the twitter-obsessed. You can follow your timelines, interact with your twitter account, compose, reply, RT, share, favorite, delete, etc. with ease just as if you were on the twitter website. You also are notified of all new tweets in one compact little notification system perfect for your Chrome browser.

    Twitter Refresh makes the annoying lag on twitter much less annoying. Twitter refresh constantly refreshes your timeline automatically when there are new tweets. Now your tweets will be up to the minute and on your toolbar.

    Linkpeelr helps you skim through bad links and avoid spam and viruses from dangerous sites. Linkpeelr lengthens shortened URLs and works with anything from websites to

    Kutano is a great way to track who follows and unfollows you. There is a column to view tweets that are relevant to the page you are surfing, and you can actually see a list of people that unfollow you. Links are automatically shortened, and there are shortcut buttons that can do anything from inserting a URL from the website you’re viewing, to tweeting about the current page you’re on.


    Mozilla Firefox

    Echofone for Twitter is a compact status bar icon that allows you to be notified when your friends post their tweets. You can post from it too. The greatness of this plug in is that there is an unread count in the status bar, a one-click access to Twitter, you can post links from your current page in Firefox, manage multiple twitter accounts, etc.

    Twitbin is a pretty new plug in. It is great for sending and receiving messages, but it’s a sidebar that takes up some space. Nonetheless it is still very sleek and nice to look at.

    Tweetbar is similar to Twitbin in the sense that it’s a sidebar based plugin. You can use keyboard shortcuts to access it which is very easy.

    TwitterNotifier shows you your friends’ updates. It is a small icon in the bottom right corner of Firefox with a tiny balloon that pops up when you need to be notified about your friends’ twitter activities.


    Ludicrous is a great alternative to the sidebar plugins. You can post directly from the Firefox search bar. The only problem is that you need to remember to change your search bar to a search engine – or else you will be tweeting your searches to twitter.

    Internet Explorer

    TweetIE is one of the only plugins for Internet Explorer (which is definitely not a huge plug-in magnet). TweetIE allows you to post your tweets, post from the website you’re already on, etc. The plugin even be able to supports multiple twitter accounts.

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