Top iPad Accessories

Top iPad Accessories

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  1. The iPad is the newest piece of technology that almost everyone wants.  From stands to cases to keyboards, the accessories for the iPad are endless.  However, stick to these practical accessories to get your money’s worth.

    Zagg Invisible Shield

    This "invisible" shield can protect your iPad from virtually anything. If you’re concerned about scratches, this is the thing to buy; it adheres to the entire body of the iPad making it scratch-proof.  The manufacturer even offers a free replacement should anything happen to your invisible shield.  If that’s not a warranty, I don’t know what is.  Check out its indestructible properties with this video.  It costs $39.99 for two shields (one for the front and one for the back), or the lesser $29.99 just for the front shield.  Go for the $39.99 option because when you finally decide to buy the back shield, it will cost you $20 more than if you just bought the dual-package initially.   If you buy the Zagg invisible shield, it is even unnecessary to buy a case (unless you are super paranoid and protective about your iPad).

    Bracketron LTM-205-BX iPad and netbook desktop stand

    One complaint about the iPad is that it is hard to type on.  This 5-step adjustable laptop stand is perfect for the person on the go because it can fold up to a compact size and requires no assembly.  No more hunching over your iPad while trying to type, and it’s only $13.25.  Plus with how short vertically the iPad is, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a stand that props it up 90 degrees.  You will never be eye-level with your iPad, so a stand that props it up at a 35 degree angle is the most practical so that you can comfortably gaze downward.

    Apple Wireless Keyboard

    If the virtual keyboard is not for you, then you definitely need the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The keyboard hooks up to the iPad through BlueTooth and can even serve as a keyboard for your computer or notebook as well. Thanks to the energy saving features of Apple, the keyboard’s batteries will last about two months.  It is a splurge at $69, but it is definitely worth it to avoid carpal tunnel and strained eyes if you use your iPad for more than just watching YouTube videos.

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