Top Vampire Romance Novels for Adult Readers

Top Vampire Romance Novels for Adult Readers

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  1. Some of the sexiest stories in romance today can be attributed to adult vampire romance novels. There’s just something deeply sensual about the way vampires need to sustain themselves on the blood of another… most often on the blood of their mates, and their intensely seductive natures that makes them irresistible to romance readers of all ages and preferences.

    The popularity of the vampire fiction genre, and of late, the vampire romance genre is due, in wide part, to the inspiration of classics dating back to the eighteenth century such as Dracula and The Vampyre. However, it wasn’t until the twentieth century that vampires became a romance commodity and took on a more conventional sexual role in romantic literature.

    The Top Vampire Romance Books for Adults

    Deep Kiss of Winter

    Untouchable, by Kresley Cole is a short vampire romance novel that tells the story of Murdoch– a three hundred year old vampire and Daniela– an ice fey and Valkyrie who, coincidentally becomes Murdoch’s blooded bride. As an ice fey, Danii is within grasp but literally untouchable for Murdoch. Her core temperature is so cold that she can’t touch anyone skin to skin without suffering severe burns from the contact.

    Throughout the story they come up with some fairly clever ways to sate their growing hunger for each other, but by the time they get to experience physical love you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. This novella is part of Deep Kiss of Winter, a two story anthology by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter.

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood series

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a vampire romance series by author JR Ward. This is one of my personal favorites as it’s full of action, twisted villains, suspense, and downright sexy romance. Ward’s vampires are warriors of the Black Dagger Brotherhood– a secret band of brothers, defenders of their race against their sworn enemies, the Lessers.

    Each new book focuses on a new set of characters and builds upon the last while still giving glimpses into the lives of characters from previous installments. If you enjoy reading about truly sexy vampires, romance so hot it will singe the tips of your hair, and lots of action, this series is recommended.

    Books in the series include:

    • Dark Lover
    • Lover Eternal
    • Lover Awakened
    • Lover Revealed
    • Lover Unbound
    • Lover Enshrined
    • Lover Avenged
    • Lover Mine

    The Dark Series (Carpathian Dark Books)

    One of the best authors in the genre, Christine Feehan is to blame for the addiction that so many readers have to this series. The Dark Series is phenomenal. Believe it or not, the series has twenty published installments to date and another to be released a bit later this year.

    It’s hard to imagine a writer keeping the books fresh and the pages turning like rapid fire after so many books in the same series, but Christine Feehan does. This is a fantastic series… sensual and romantic with just the right touch of action and suspense. The vampires in this series are in reality, Carpathian men who have given in to the darkest part of their souls and become truly evil.

    Each book in the series focuses on a Carpathian character and his or her, generally human mate. Each story is unique and can be read alone, however, as all the books tie into a single story line, it’s a good idea to read from the beginning to have a complete understanding of the series and the characters in each book.

    • Dark Prince
    • Dark Desire
    • Dark Gold
    • Dark Magic
    • Dark Challenge
    • Dark Fire
    • Dark Dreamers
    • Dark Legend
    • Dark Guardian
    • Dark Symphony
    • Dark Descent
    • Dark Melody
    • Dark Destiny
    • Dark Hunger
    • Dark Secret
    • Dark Demon
    • Dark Celebration
    • Dark Possession
    • Dark Curse
    • Dark Slayer
    • Dark Peril

    Other Titles of Note:

    Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands is a fantastic choice. It is part of the Argeneau Vampire series which I haven’t yet completed, but plan to very, very soon. As well, anything by Jacquelyn Frank is fantastic, however, the only book that focuses solely on a vampire romance is the story of Damien which is the second book in the Nightwalker series.

    The Riley Jenson Guardian series is a fast paced, non-traditional romance series that contains vampires, werewolves, and various shape-shifters. These are exciting books with a lot of action, however, if you prefer traditional, single partner romances, they are not for you. The main character is a werewolf-vampire hybrid with stronger wolf tendencies than vampire. So, she is susceptible to the moon heat and often has more than one partner throughout it.

    Other Best selling Vampire Romance Series and Authors include:

    • The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
    • The Southern Vampire Mysteries, by Charlaine Harris 
    • Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton
    • Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill
    • Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole
    • Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs
    • Dark-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    • The Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian
    • Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost

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