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Boxing is an art not just a fight or punching sport in a ring. We often take that as a game where you are required to beat your opponent with a heavy and hard punch of yours. No, it is not, even though you have muscle power with a heavy figure and confidence of punching down anyone that comes too you a trained and skilled boxer can knock you out in no time even though he or she is of not your match. It is an art that you must learn under the watchful guidance of an expert. Easter Queens Boxing Club is one of its kind that has experienced and expert trainers that helps you to get a master in this art.

Train with us:

EQBCNY offered carefully designed boxing training program for everyone. No matter of your age, gender, size, or shape. We have all that you need to prepare yourself of ring or for self-defense in day to day life. We offered the programs that have been designed to keep you fit, strong, confident, and healthy. No matter your profession you can join us, and we will take you through the tough time you face in keeping your mind and body healthy and fit. EQBCNY offers a special program for kids and teens to keep them fit and ready to box any time in their life. Often boxing is considered a dangerous sport during childhood and early days of life. Parents are worried about their kids getting hurt and developing permanent injuries to body and mind. Their assumptions is legit but if one is getting trained under the watchful eyes of experts you don’t have to think and worry about it.

EQBC Offers:

To fulfill your need and your requirements Eastern Queens Boxing Club offers semi-privates for people looking to get a little more personal time in a small group setting. Members can enjoy the total gym experience as well as join the semi-private training. You have a chance to get involved in daily healthy habits and keep your mind and body balanced through this program.


Monthly reports track your progress

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Pee Wee Boxing Program 

Age 12 and under

You get to Learn the foundation of boxing training. An emphasis on stance, steps and hands going back to block. Kids typically train in small semi-private groups until they learn to train independently following the program like competing boxers while coaches monitor the daily practices. Once you have successfully completed this training program in your future life you will be ready to defend yourself in threatening conditions. You can train yourself to compete as well. It is easy to give away and walk off from the competition, but once you are trained and have strong belief you will stride towards the competing environment.

Hang up your worries and visit the gym. Get pricing and a program that is best suited for you. Get trained and give yourself a confident start towards a healthy life.

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