Travel Tips for Dublin, Ireland

Travel Tips for Dublin, Ireland

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  1. When you travel to Dublin, Ireland, it helps to have a list of places to go and things to do in advance, but sometimes you need to be prepared for the unexpected. 


    Dublin Guides Are a Must

    If it’s your first time travelling to Dublin, you don’t want to miss out on the popular things to see and do, nor do you want to get lost. An experienced guide is your best way to get the most from your trip to Dublin, while also getting a chance to enjoy the things that most Dublin vacationers wish they knew to look for on their trip. Experienced Dublin guides will be able to give you inside information about the rich history and culture of the places to which you travel in and around Dublin, while also offering you a chance to get the best value from your trip by taking you to places that are within your budget. Knowing when to arrive to avoid crowds or traffic can add more time for your enjoyment of Dublin and less time waiting or worse, missing an event!

    Be Picky About Your Location

    If you stay at a motel or lesser known location, you’re likely to be far from the places you want to see or worse, not get a chance to really experience Irish culture and history. Find a hotel that is either a destination in itself, such as a historic castle, or within walking distance of Dublin’s more exciting locations. Four-star hotels are full-service, but are not as expensive as the deluxe 5-star accommodations. You can expect to spend about $165 to $175 per night for a 4-star accommodation that includes full amenities and breakfast.

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