1. Although mostly popular during spring, a tulip flower arrangement can be enjoyed all year. It all depends on your arrangement and what you mix in with the tulips. There are many different colors you will have no problem finding one that suites your arrangement. This flower has a soft look to it , but also remains its structures appearance as well. 


    For a simple spring tulip flower arrangement, try adding about six of your favorite colored ones to a clear class vase. If you want a larger display, Get a galvanized bucket and fill it with several tulips in varying colors or just one color for a monotone and more elegant look. Then wrap a wide band ribbon around the bucket and tie a large neat bow. A fresh look for this is all white tulips with a white bow. 


    To add extra cheer to your summer décor, a large green colored vase filled with yellow tulips is just the thing. Moon ruffled tulips with the stems cut short and placed into mini vases at each person’s place setting, makes for a simple but dramatic look for a summer’s night dinner party. This would also work well for a summer wedding reception.


    Make your guests mouth drop with a tulip flower arrangement containing blueberry ripple, flaming parrot, and red and white tulips. These beautiful bright colors will look amazing in a modern square vase that has a high gloss black finish. This arrangement will complement the changing of the seasons with stunning beauty.


    This is the perfect season to make a statement with Cummins purple, purple-black parrot, and Viridiflora tulips. Any one of these would make a gorgeous tulip flower arrangement. These three are some of the most striking and stylish tulips to work with. You could pick the Viridiflora and group them in a decorative black and white stripped vase for a classy, but fun look. The purple-black parrot would look absolutely amazing in a deep, dark gunmetal colored, sleek vase. The lacey look of the Cummins purple would be complimented greatly with a white frosted glass vase. Although these three looks will stand alone as an eye catcher, to mix them in an unbelievable arrangement will put your event, or even if it is just for you, over the top. Being that they all have a purple hue, with the purple-black parrot being the darkest, use the other two more heavily and the purple-black parrot as accent. This way the arrangement will not become too dark. The vase to show them off should be a round fish bowl type with a gold tone. Either metal, glass, or a mixture will look equally as beautiful.

    Other – Wedding

    Another use for the tulip flower arrangement in in a bridal bouquet. An exquisite arrangement of French white tulips with the stems kept long and tied together with ribbon would be first rate. Make sure all the stems are the same length and the tulips are not wilted. The ribbon should be a wide type and try to match the dress as close as possible. This will be one bouquet the bride will not want to toss into the crowd of awaiting single ladies.

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