Undelivered Grapes

How many people have you planned to visit, but you failed to do it? How many people in need have you had in mind to help, but you failed to extend that helping hand? Have you ever remembered the stuff you planned to give to a dying friend and failed to deliver it?

Two years ago, we met a brother in the Lord who was having a kidney stone problem. He was weak when my family met him. We have visited him several times in his home since he frequently missed to attend our prayer meetings and Sunday worship services. He was in great pain, yet has no complaints whatsoever. His response to suffering was, “If God will take me home, then He will take me home.”

 There is one thing that I regret whenever I remember him- the “undelivered grapes.”

Four months later, his illness worsened so he was not able to attend our Sunday worship services anymore. We then frequently visited and often sang songs of hope that made him cry for joy. He dearly treasured the care of the brethren in the Lord. He reflected the love of God, channeled through the brethren in the Church.

Brother June is now in the Lord and I am happy for him, but there is one thing that I regret whenever I remember him- the “undelivered grapes.” When Brother June was still alive and bedridden, I planned to pay him a visit and buy him grapes. That had been a few days before He died. My wife and I sincerely desired to show him act of kindness by giving him some stuffs including those grapes in my mind, but we failed to do it on time.

One Sunday afternoon, his daughter informed us that they were bringing him to the hospital for dialysis. We went to the hospital and there I saw Brother June pale, weak and dying. The next day, her daughter sent us a message that his father passed away.

 One Piece of Advice

Brother June is in heaven now, but the grapes were undelivered. This is a lesson that I will never forget. I want to end with this little piece of admonishment, if there’s a gesture of love and care that we can give to a brother; we should not delay to deliver it. Let it be that every care, love, compassion, mercy, benevolence, appreciation, assurance of friendship, and all good things for our loved ones, will not be likened to the “undelivered grapes.”

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