Wael’s Strategy For Success

Wael’s Strategy For Success:

Decide What you want – Choose 3-5 related goals – Start acting for the 3-5 goals at the same time – You will reach one goal at least – Success will give you more energy – Decide what you want again and repeat the cycle….

To explain this strategy I will draw an example to compare the old strategy with Wael’s Strategy. Tom is a writer. Tom wrote a list of the following four goals:
1-Writing a new article entitled “X1”.
2-Writing a new book entitled “X2”.
3-Getting a job as a journalist.
4-Getting more promotion via social media.

According to the old strategy, he will work at one goal per time. He will spend one or two weeks writing the article. He will spend 3 or 4 months ,for example, writing the new book. He will spend a short or a long period searching for job opportunities. Then, he will spend some months dealing with social media. This is the old strategy.  I will not mention the advantages of the old strategy which are many or its disadvantages. Instead, I will try to explain Wael’s Strategy.

According to Wael’s Strategy, Tom will spend 4 hours daily writing his new book, 2 hours daily searching for job opportunities, 2 hours daily dealing with social media and 2 hours daily writing his article. Diversity of his intellectual environment is the best advantage leading to more creativity. According to the old strategy, Tom will work systematically for more than one year to achieve his four goals. But according to Wael’s Strategy, one event may change the whole plans. For example, If Tom in the first days got a job as a journalist, dramatic changes may happen in Tom’s plans: instead of writing one new article, Tom will be obliged to write one article per week. His theme of his book may change. He will prefer to collect a group of the articles that he will write in a published book. Social media will need less effort. Many important persons will be happy to have friendship with the new journalist.

But the most important characteristic of the 3-5 goals that you will work for at the same time is that the goals must be related and serving each other. Your efforts shouldn’t be scattered among different unrelated fields.

I have tried this strategy and found it very effective and I advise the readers to try it and I’m waiting for their feedback.

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