Weight Loss and Healthy Options for the Busy Mother

Weight Loss and Healthy Options for the Busy Mother

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  1. Losing weight as a mother can sometimes be very difficult.  There are so many different roles and hats that have to be put on.  Is there anything that is simple but healthy?  Are there ways to create healthy meals for the whole family?

    The answer to these questions is yes.  There are quick and easy meals that can be created that take very little prep time as well as cooking time.  Finding the healthy solutions is a great way to start any health and wellness goals.  If weight is a major concern and is effecting the overall health of your body then contact your physician first prior to any major eating habit changes.

    Starting out Simplistically

    Change the meals that are cooked gradually.  Substitute certain cooking patterns with healthier ones.  A good quick and little prep work meal is doing pastas and stir fry.  Cooking a light pasta with either warm or cold vegetables is a good way to stay healthy and fast.  The prep work is minimal as you may only need to chop a few things up.  Then most noodles only cook approximately 15 to 18 minutes on the stove.  The pasta can be gluten free for those with low tolerance for wheat or just a different type of noodle. 

    Stir fry is another easy meal to make.  Many times there are plenty of miscellaneous vegetables that can be sautéed in a light olive oil and seasoned with any herb of your choice.  Then poor over brown rice or a pasta.  It can also be eaten alone.  This is a very healthy meal and fast to prepare.

    There is simple recipes available online.  Also healthy communities online to assist in staying on track.

    Beyond Eating Healthy

    As the transition is made to eat healthier, you will need to find an exercise routine that will work.  Increasing the daily activity is one way to start exercising.  Walking is a great start.  It is an exercise that can be done while watching the kids at the park or take indoor walks at the local shopping center. 

    Beginning activity is vital to weight loss.  Eating right is the beginning and then movement is next.  Take the kids to the park and run and tussle with them.  If you have smaller ones then find little gyms or bouncy houses to have outings.  Joining in on the fun is a good way to spend time with your children and exercise.

    Weight loss is a challenge, but a challenge awaiting to be overcome.  Losing weight is more about balance in eating and exercise.  Balanced meals and healthy choices will assist in shedding extra unwanted body fats.  There are healthy solutions for the busy mother and family. 

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