Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

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  1. At any given time more than a quarter of Americans are on a weight loss diet.  This is understandable as the number of adults considered overweight or obese approached 70%.  Since 1970, the number of adults who fall into the obese classification has nearly tripledwhile overweight individuals have remained constant. 

    This is a staggering statistic as obesity is linked with half of the top ten leading causes of death, and contributesto almost 80% of those deaths annually.  The good news is that a proper calorie restricted weight loss strategy can reduce the high risks associated with those extra pounds, while significantly improving the likelihood of an early demise.

    Reduce Calorie Consumption by 25%

    Calorie restriction is quickly becoming a popular method of eliminating unwanted pounds, while providing big health benefits.  The principle behind caloric restriction is to reduce daily calories by 25% while ensuring that vitamin and mineral requirements are met. 

    This may sound like a difficult sacrifice at first, but after following the regime for at least two weeks, the body easily adjusts to the reduced calorie intake and actually begins to operate more efficiently while taking in less food.  People who have followed calorie restriction for 6 months have reduced incidence of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and improved immune response to infection. 

    Further benefits include lower triglycerides and small LDL cholesterol and improved blood sugar control.  Elimination of all sugar, soft drinks, unhealthy processed fats and refined foods is essential, as these poor choices are replaced with large helpings of raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, lean proteins and minimal amounts of fruit.  The key to success is through cutting calories by a quarter and ensuring that nutrition is not sacrificed.  Dietary metering software is freely available to help monitor both calories and nutrients consumed.

    Short Burst Exercise for Maximum Weight Loss

    Most people understand that exercise is necessary to compliment diet for weight loss, but it is important to undertake the correct regimen for healthy weight reduction.  Aerobic exercise is usually prescribed for those with health concerns and those who want to lose weight, but studies are showing that progressive short burst repetition exercise provides the same benefits as a standalone cardio workout and builds muscle better, including the critical heart muscle.  

    Alternate different aerobic fitness routines, building up to a very intense level for a period of 30 seconds to a minute.  Repeat different types of short strenuous exercises which are designed to work different body parts, and complete in 10 to 20 minutes.  The science behind this type of fitness program is based on the evolutionary understanding that our early ancestors did not run for an hour or more at a time, but more likely exerted short energy bursts while stalking prey or averting predators.  We are still genetically wired the same way today, and how our body burns fat and reduces weight is enhanced by following similar exercise patterns.

    Omega-3 Fats From Fish Fuel Fat Burn

    Omega-3 fats have demonstrated the ability to alter the way fat is stored and burned in our cells.  Omega-3 fats activate the enzyme responsible for burning fat when eaten, and can increase fat metabolismby as much as 25%.  Further, the fats from fish oil reduce the levels of insulin in the blood.  Insulin instructs the body whether to store or burn fat, and higher levels result in excess conversion of carbohydrates into fat for storage. 

    Simply put, eating Omega-3 fats from fish or supplementing with fish oil allows the body to burn more fat before it is stored and also to break down existing fat stores for use as energy.  Ensuring proper Omega-3 fat intake will compliment a calorie restricted diet and exercise program, and has been shown to have health benefits for the brain as well as reducing the risk of sudden death from a heart attack by a third.

    Each year, the statistics which count the number of overweight and obese Americans continue to increase.  Some estimates indicate that by 2050, nearly every man, woman and child will fall into one of the two weight categories.  This trend can be broken and reversed through a calorie restricted diet, short burst exercise program and targeted supplementation. 

    The best part of this plan is that we have solid proof that by correcting our bad habits, health risk is dramatically reduced and even eliminated and our life can be naturally extended well into our senior years.

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