Welcome to My Little Corner of Microsoft Access

Welcome to My Little Corner of Microsoft Access

  1. Hi! Welcome to my column on Microsoft Access. If you are interested in Access, then you are in the right place. It is my intention to make this a destination for those that want to discover the power of Access by doing, rather than simply reading about how to perform a task or create a database.

    If you have ever wished you could find a "little program" that could do this or that, and you didn’t want to pay for it, you will find that Access can offer you countless solutions to countless different problems. Because I used to work at Microsoft on the Access Dev Team, I am more than a little biased. However, I believe you will come to understand what I have about Access – there is really nothing you cannot do with the incredibly powerful database program.

    If you are completely new to databases, then you are really in the right place. We will be covering Access beginning at the beginning and learning the concepts of good database design and then implementing them in a project that will be both useful and something that can continuously be added to and built on.

    I don’t want to overwhelm you too much right now, so I will keep this first post relatively short. But, suffice to say that you if you want to learn about Access, I am here to share with you all I know, and not to toot my own horn too much – but, I know a thing or two about the program. If you already have some experience with Access, I encourage you to come around as well. While many of the initial articles and posts here on my column will be geared toward beginners, I will be posting tidbits of coding samples for advanced users when time permits and when I receive requests.

    Again, welcome to my column and check back in a couple of days for my first real post on Access. In it, I will be explaining the basics of what a database is and how Access works. I promise to make it as easy to digest and understand as I possibly can. Look forward to seeing you here again. Take care.

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