What Are Microblading Tools?

What Are Microblading Tools?


Every cosmetic procedure, including microblading, uses unique tools and equipment.  There are a large number of microblading tools available for you to choose from.

Pigments, Saline Paste, and Latex Sheets


Because microblading is essentially a tattooing procedure, pigments are used.  Microblading pigments are available in light brown, light blonde, dark brown, dark blonde, and everything in between.  There are also universal shades that are suitable for a broad range of hair colors. The Saline paste is the key to erasing the mistakes that happen during your microblading adventures.  Of course, there is nothing like practice to prevent mistakes from happening in the first place. For practicing, microblading technicians use latex sheets. There are several varieties of latex practice sheets available on the market.


Other Tools of the Trade


Like other tattoo work, needles are required for microblading.  There are two styles of needles specific to microblading, round and flat.  Each will create a different sort of stroke on your client’s eyebrows. These needles come in packages of three or more and are available as flexible or hard types for different styling needs.  There are also several different measuring tools and drawing pencils specific to microblading. There are a variety of containers in which to mix your pigments. One is a cute little ring that is worn while you work.  There is also the First Step Tool, which produces very fine detail lines in microblading work. There are also blending sticks, brushes, and practice templates to perfect your techniques.


Safety Equipment


Safety equipment is necessary to avoid exposure to both microblading chemicals and bodily fluids such as blood.  Both the technician and the client need proper safety equipment. For the technician, full-length aprons protect skin and clothes.  Gloves, respiration masks, and safety goggles are also necessary. Your clients will need numbing cream (microblading is somewhat painful) and barrier cream to help protect your client’s skin from scarring and infection after the procedure.  Finally, there are special plastic masks that cover the lower part of your client’s face and smocks to help protect your client’s clothing.


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