1. The phrase, "everything old is new again" could be the perfect statement for the true nature of what the  modern homestead is today.  Over the last several years, there has been a movement  to get back to the land and back to simpler living.

    However, homesteading doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live out in the woods, own hundreds of acres, and become a farmer.  In fact, most modern homesteaders start out with much smaller steps to becoming more self-sufficient and just generally more aware of how they live.

    The goal of most people who decide to homestead is actually quite simple.  We want to eliminate the slavery of debt, grow our own food, and create homes that use natural energy if possible.  We want to have our homes paid for so that in the worst of times, we will never have to worry about a roof over our head, or food on the table.  Being totally self-sufficient is the ultimate goal of a homesteader.

    The best part of homesteading is that you do not have to live in the country, or even have a yard to start homesteading.  You can even homestead if you live in an apartment.  Growing vegetables in pots, recycling as much as possible, and getting out of debt is the easiest path to start to become more self-sufficient.  From there, it is a matter of deciding how far you want to go with your homesteadng adventure.

    Being a homesteader is about having a "do it yourself" attitude without being afraid of a little hard work.  It’s about slowing down from the super fast pace of today, taking things in stride, and learning some new things.  Whether it is starting out by making your own soap, or learning how to grind your own grain to make homemade bread, homesteading starts with a decision.  The decision to live a simpler life, depending on ourselves for our own well-being, and having less of a negative impact on nature.

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