What kind of work can I do from home?

What kind of work can I do from home?

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  1. Work from Home Jobs

    Many people are interested in working from home, but have absolutely no idea where to start. Most go on the internet and do a search for work from home jobs, and sometimes end up getting scammed. The thing that cannot be stated enough is that legitimate opportunities are available, but they DO NOT require you to pay a fee to get started.

    Telecommuting, or work from home, is simply remote work. Virtual work is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more companies realize cost savings are available when they don’t have to supply office space. Virtual workers typically use advancements in technology to stay in touch with their companies from a remote location.  As of 2008, more than five million employees worked remotely most of the time, and more than double that figure did at least once a month.  Coupled with the fact that experts say that 40% of U.S. have jobs that they could perform from their home, these numbers will tell you that home work will continue its rapid growth.

    So what kind of jobs are available for virtual workers? Here are some ideas, which are in no way a complete list, but should give some ideas.

    Writers of all kinds are in high demand. From technical writing to website content articles to freelance writing for magazines and newspapers, there are writing gigs out there for people with knowledge and experience about just about any field. Additionally, if you’re the type who’d rather read than write, proofreading and editing is needed as well.

    Those people who’d prefer contact with other people should consider phone jobs like customer service, telemarketing, or scheduling positions. There is also lots of demand for outsourced business services, like virtual assistants to handle phones and clerical work, data entry, billing and claims processing, order processing, transcription, and typing. Those with some experience might consider doing credit analysis, collections, bookkeeping, or recruiting work remotely via the internet and telephone communications.

    People with technical skills can consider building simple websites, or more intricate website design, desktop publishing, graphic design work, or internet marketing.

    Don’t discount any one area before really looking into how it might work as a home based business or job. Lost of people make a living from home doing woodworking—simple things like building picnic tables or porch swings can help to earn a living doing something you love.  There are lots of ideas  like this: making tee-shirts, calligraphy, sewing or embroidery.

    The main idea in all of this is to consider how doing what you enjoy can become a way to pay the bills. You know the old saying, “Do what you love, and the money will come” – just think if you could do what you love at home.  How much better would that be?

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