1. Homeschooling is not a nine-to-five event. It is a way of life that morphs and changes from year-to-year, just like your family does. Because you are teaching and learning at home, there are challenges and possible distractions that you probably wouldn’t encounter with more “traditional” forms of education. One challenge is making sure the parent who is in charge of homeschooling gets some time “off” to unwind and re-charge their mental batteries.

    Why should a homeschooling parent take time off?

    Although homeschooling is a true blessing, it can be stressful and challenging. No matter how much you love something, sometimes you just need to relax and take it easy every now and then. That’s when a supportive spouse or other close relative can step in and give the homeschooling parent a break from time-to-time. Plus, if the homeschooling parent can get a little respite, they will be much better and more effective as a teacher.

    Who can help?

    When a family decides to homeschool, they usually give up one spouse’s entire paycheck, or at least they have to cut down to part-time work. The working parent often has to do some extra work to make up for the lost income due to homeschooling. This leaves little time for them to give the homeschooling parent a break. That’s when other relatives, close friends, or even other homeschooling families come in. Work out a schedule so the homeschooling parent who needs some time off can get some. Some homeschooling support groups even make out a rotating schedule to share “kid watching” duties so every parent in the group can have time to themselves.

    What should you do on your time “off”?

    Anything you want! Sometimes you need a little time to catch up on things around the house. However, if possible, don’t forget to do things that you enjoy simply for the sake of having fun. Go to the library and check out a book, do some window shopping, or pack a lunch for one and enjoy it at the park or the beach.

    So, don’t forget that homeschooling is a true blessing for the whole family, but the homeschooling parent can get burned out if they don’t have some “down time” to relax. Count on your loved ones to help from time-to-time. Work together to make sure you are refreshed, and don’t feel bad about asking for help when you need it!

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