Why Your Cat Needs a Tall Place to Climb

Why Your Cat Needs a Tall Place to Climb

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  1. catsCats like to be in high places not just because of a millennia-long superiority complex, but because of instincts to escape predators and have a birds-eye view of the happenings below. Alpha cats also will typically want to be in the highest location in relation to other cats in the home. There is a sense of security and joy in being so high up, which is why your cat will stop at nothing to climb to the top of your shelves, refrigerator, and sometimes even tall people in your home.

    High-Rise Instincts in Alpha Cats

    Cats love to be in high places. The higher a cat is, the higher the status of the cat among other cats. If you have multiple cats, you will notice that there will occasionally be a battle over the top roost of a scratching post. This is often not the case for cats that sleep together or have a close bond, since they will often share the top roost for naps and playtime.

    Feeling of Security for Cats

    If you want to make your cat happy and perhaps discourage the climbing onto expensive knick-knack holding shelves, consider purchasing a kitty condo that includes a very high (7 to 8 feet) perch for your cat. A cat that can enjoy a higher perch will feel more at ease by having a place to escape, especially in a home that might be busy at times.

    Playground for Cats

    Higher places are just more fun for cats. It creates an exciting adventure that the cat can explore, especially with other cats in the home. Your cat will enjoy a skyscraper scratching post much more than many of the other toys you give them.

    Catnip and Skyscraper Scratching Posts

    Before dousing your cat’s scratching post with catnip or catnip spray, check if your cat enjoys the smell by adding it to a cloth for your cat to inspect. If your cat cringes or seems disinterested, avoid adding catnip to the post, as this will likely make it less frequented by your cat.

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