Womens Turtlenecks

Womens Turtlenecks

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  1. In women’s apparel the turtleneck has been a constant. You see women wearing some form of it year round, but they are more prevalent in women’s winter apparel catalogs and store shelves. The winter season gives women more choices in style, color, and materials than any other fashion season. You can walk in to any clothing store or online retail site and see an array to choose from. 

    Style Choices

    The choices for this fashion are almost endless. You can get a thick, plush, woolen sweater with a large fold down neck, to a sheer under garment with a mock turtleneck. In women’s winter apparel, there are sweaters versions in a wide variety. There are snuggly angora and faux angora in beautiful colors and patterns. Also, wool, cotton, and blends that have a wide range of colors and designs as well. There are themes for most every holiday and some places you can even have them personalized. 

    In looking at women’s apparel stores and websites, the sheer types are mostly for wearing under other clothing items to create a layered look. The materials are light weight knits, lace, and silks to list a few. The colors are just as varied as the heavier sweater versions. There are beautiful ivory lace patterns with high but scooping necks to shimmering black with lace neck lines stopping just under the jaw line. 

    For an additional style choice there are also turtleneck dresses. They range in the same colors and materials as the tops. They can be worn alone or as the layered look with pants or leggings and belted. These are a nice version of this style and make a great addition to your wardrobe. 

    When to Wear this Fashion

    There is not one appropriate time or occasion to wear this fashion.  You can incorporate this look into your daily wares. There are so many versions of this style of women’s apparel; it is no wonder of the popularity. For a casual night out on a crisp fall evening, try paring the cotton knit type with a blue jean and light weight jacket. A dressed up variation would be to wear the sheer black lace style over a camisole with a long black skirt or dress pant. This look is great for a night at the theatre or romantic dinner. Perfect for a festive holiday party is one of the appropriately themed print sweater versions with a denim or corduroy bottom.  A wonderful look for the office during any season is the sleeveless mock neck under a lady’s skirt suit. You can create a look for any occasion, season, or time of day to with this fashion and have total confidence in your choice. 

    Where to Find this Style

    You will have no problems finding this style any time of the year. Online you can just search for women’s turtleneck, and many sites will return. Mall shops are a great place to find the sweater versions during the fall and winter months. Most apparel stores usually have the any season styles in their inventory all year. Outlet and discount retailers are also wonderful for finding deals on all the styles. 

    Have Fun with Your Fashion

    No matter if you are a fashion plate or a conservative shopper; this style will make a great addition in your wardrobe selections. Whether dressed up or down you will always be in style, in what is not just women’s winter apparel, but daily fashion for any occasion.

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