Writing Your Essay

Write an initial draft

Your first draft can help you workout:

  • the structure and framework of your essay
  • how you will answer fully the question
  • which evidence and examples you use
  • how the argument will be logically organized.

Your first draft will never be your final essay; think about it as natural materials you will refine through editing and redrafting. When you have a draft, you could work on producing well.


Structure the essay in the simplest way to connect your opinions and answer fully the question.


All essays will include the next structure


Essay paragraphs

A good paragraph is a related band of sentences that evolves one main thought. Each paragraph within the body of the essay should include:


A subject sentence that says the primary or controlling idea

Helping sentences to describe and develop the idea you’re making

Evidence. More often than not, your point ought to be reinforced by some type of data from your browsing, or by a good example drawn from the topic area.

Analysis. Don’t only leave the data hanging there – analyse and interpret it! Touch upon the implication/significance/impact and end the paragraph with a crucial conclusion you possess drawn from the data.

a concluding sentence that restates your stage, analyses the data or acts seeing as a changeover to another paragraph.

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Recommendations for effective writing

Start publishing early – the sooner the better. Beginning significantly reduces nervousness, beats procrastination, and provides you period to build up your ideas.

Keep carefully the essay concern at heart. Don’t lose tabs on the problem or job. Keep a duplicate before you as you draft and edit and workout your argument.

Don’t make an effort to write an essay from starting to end (specifically not in one sitting). Start out with what you will be ready to produce – an idea, a few sentences or bullet factors. Start with your body and job paragraph by paragraph.

Create the introduction and summary following the body. Knowing what your essay is approximately, after that write the launch and conclusion.

Use ‘signpost’ phrases in your posting. Transition signals might help the reader follow the purchase and circulation of your opinions.

Integrate the evidence thoroughly. Introduce quotations and paraphrases with introductory phrases.

Revise your primary draft extensively. Make certain the complete essay flows and that the paragraphs happen to be in a logical purchase.

Set the essay apart for some days. This enables you to think about your essay and edit it with a brand new eye.

Structure of a great essay

Just about all essays have the essential structure of intro, main physique and conclusion.


The introduction should cover two key themes:


Any background information the reader should seem sensible of your essay

A road-map of how you will definitely answer fully the question, with your details and basic summary included.

It is better to write the road-map section of the launch towards the end, when guess what happens all of your details will be.


Main body paragraphs

The primary body of your essay will consist of several paragraphs; the quantity of paragraphs depends on your phrase count and the complexity of your argument. Academic paragraphs are often longer than you anticipate and in most cases, one paragraph = one point.


The paragraph will need to start with a subject sentence which states the idea of the paragraph clearly. Generally it is the primary sentence in the paragraph (although occasionally it could be the next sentence, with the earliest being a thing that links it to the prior paragraph). A sensible way to strategy an essay is normally to create out a listing of your issue sentences. This will allow you to observe how the argument evolves and where extra kinds are wanted etc.

This issue sentence ought to be accompanied by sentences containing evidence to back again the idea up. You cannot simply declare that something holds true without the supporting information. Understand that as an undergraduate, you aren’t the professional; your word isn’t enough.

Evidence will most likely be found in the proper execution of data from other options like literature, academic journals or perhaps reputable websites. This may be a primary quotation but is normally best written within your own phrases. When providing details from other resources, you need to provide in-text message citations that connect to your bibliography (or footnotes if applying). Evidence may be your own info or your private experiences (specifically in reflective essays).

The last portion of the paragraph ought to be your own analysis of why the main point is highly relevant to the essay. How does indeed it assist you to answer fully the question? How will it develop your argument? Basically – ‘Consequently what?’  It really is right here that you develop criticality as well as your private academic voice (therefore achieve bigger grades).

It can be useful (although not imperative) to employ a sentence towards the end or perhaps your paragraph to connect to another one. Oftentimes this website link is better positioned at the start of the next paragraph rather. It really is there to help with making your argument move.


There are plenty of acronyms that will help you remember paragraph structure like PEE(L) [Point, Evidence, Explanation (Link)] or TEA(L) [Topic, Evidence, Analysis (Link)] or WEED [What could it be about? Evidence, Illustrations and Do claim ‘so what?].  Select the one you keep in mind best!



Once you have done your quest, and have a concept of your primary arguments, it is worth writing a simple draft conclusion before you write the primary body system of your essay. It really is easier to approach a journey in the event that you know what your location is heading. This stops you heading off on tangents – you can consider “Is this aspect highly relevant to my bottom line?” If not really, ditch it!


Keep in mind though, that it’s not written found in bloodstream (yet) and you could adjust the final outcome as necessary if your argument develops as you intend your essay (or perhaps change it out completely in the event that you uncover convincing contradictory details throughout any further browsing that you carry out).


The final outcome should bring everything together. It will never be considered a surprise. It must be obvious from the arguments of your primary physique what your bottom line will probably be. There must be no fresh evidence (and for that reason no dependence on citations) in your bottom line.


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