Xbox Kinect vs. Wii Fit: The New Gaming Style with the Body

Xbox Kinect vs. Wii Fit: The New Gaming Style with the Body

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    It used to be that deft fingers and quick eyes were all that gamers needed. Sure you might move your body from side to side in a racing car game or when trying to get the right combo move in Street Fighter, but being able to actually move around has not always been a major requirement.

    Some body-motion games tried their luck on the market, including games like Duck Hunt, Dance Dance Revolution (also known as Diet Diet Revolution) and the short-lived Power Pad from Nintendo (which is making a comeback). The Wii became the latest in body movement gaming technology, with even more precise responses to the Wii hand controllers and Wii Balance Boards that accompanied the console.

    Well, those moves you practiced when leaning left and right now need to level up to the 21st century in console gaming with Xbox Kinect.

    What the Heck is Kinect?

    Kinect uses four microphones, a video camera, and a 3D sensor to respond to your movements and integrate them into whatever game you are playing. The Kinect is bundled with the Xbox 360 and requires the console in order to work (not sold as a separate gaming unit).

    Forget VR, You Can Interact with Your Whole Body

    Have you ever wanted to live with a creepy computer that recognizes you when you walk into a room and greets you? The Kinect offers that thrilling HAL 9000 experience and more with body and voice recognition technology. The motion sensors are very sensitive to movement and make for a great workout, especially if you’re playing a sports-related Kinect game. Try the Kinect Sports Table Tennis for a very accurate and exciting match between friends or against the computer.

    Unlike with the Wii where you need hand tools to play the games, your hands are the tools in Microsoft Kinect, which lets users play empty-handed. You’ll likely enjoy the fun of using your whole body for a lot of the games; particularly the sports ones.

    The good old fashioned leaning method when interacting with the game is still an option for games like the racing and rafting Kinect games. You have to get your whole body into the game and try not to fall over in the process.

    Who Should Use the Kinect

    The Kinect is being targeted to kids and families, with many of the games currently released rated E for everyone. While there are a few games released that are rated more for teens and older, the majority of the Kinect games are very family-friendly and a great option for everyone to enjoy. The Kinect is now available for puchase with Xbox 360.

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