Fatimah Collins

Location: Chula Vista, California

Languages: English

Fatimah Collin's a US based entrepreneur and owner of Millionaires Empire! A Social Networking, CrowdFunding and Membership Website.

Fatimah Collin's a US based entrepreneur and owner of Millionaires Empire! A Social Networking, Crowdfunding Membership Website All-In-One. Turn Your Internet Into Your Own Automated Money Making Machine. Join A Revolutionary Social Network That Pays. Make Money Online To Fund Your Business, Buy That Dream House or Car, Take A Dream Vacation, Run...



Crowdfunding is a way to receive a small donation from a large number of people to raise from to support your idea, product, charity or business. There are many ways an individual can raise funds for projects through crowdfunding, but a majority of these platforms are performed through channels on the internet, CrowdFunding has been used to fund a large range of ideas, products and businesses. Some Crowdfunding platforms only allow for specific niches or categories such as promoting your music, ebooks, computer software and technology… the list goes on and on. Many Crowdfunding websites have incorporated crowdfunding for personal Financing such as paying off debt, paying for college or books, travel, buying a new house of car or something as devastating as funeral expenses. Crowdfunding for the most part offers an individual the opportunity for success through donations of funds you never have to payback! Banks and other financial institutions can charge enormous interest rates for a payback of a loan if you have little to no credit. That is if you can even qualify. Crowdfunding gets rid of the hassle of dealing with shrewd financial backers and give individuals a real chance to follow their dreams. You may not know this but Crowdfunding has been around for a long time, we just didn’t call it that. We have crowdfunding in our wedding ceremonies, where guests of the bride and groom pin money to the bride's gown, or when a couple has a baby shower, housewarming party or when the politicians receive donations to run their campaigns. As you can see it’s not a new concept, the only things that have changed in Crowdfunding is now it is open to everyone and because of the internet you can reach millions to help you reach your crowdfunding dreams. Start Your Crowdfunding campaign today! What do you have to lose?


In spite of continuous and hard efforts every single day, it is sometimes just not enough to earn big bucks. The process to ‘get rich’ is a never-ending one because money on its own is never enough. Though greed is a common and very natural human trait, sometimes the aspect of earning money becomes increasingly important, especially if it is related to an emergency like dire need of good medical aid, opting for an once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday, loan for buying your own house or celebrating with your dream wedding. Today, due to globalization, various methods to get easy money are seen on the internet. How to make money online the fast easy way is however, a quest in itself. There are several website and forums today that offer you big rewards by either selling their stuff, promoting something or some other weird strategies; however, very few are rewarding and practical. Furthermore, the idea of getting money for your time and thoughts invested may vary. Millionaire’s Empire Social Club is one such website which allows you to make money online the fast easy way. However, DO NOT be fooled by their concept. The creator and founder of the platform, Fatimah Collins believes in getting together people who need help and creating an atmosphere where people help each other and get help in return.




Millionaires Empire
Chula Vista
Fatimah Collin's a US based entrepreneur and owner of Millionaires Empire! A Social Networking, CrowdFunding and Membership Website All-In-On



University of San Diego