Justin Channell

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Languages: English , Spanish

Justin Channell is a writer and independent filmmaker from West Virginia. He directed the low-budget horror films Die and Let Live and Raising the Stakes and Faces of Schlock, as well as the ongoing Web series, 2 Dudes and a Sweet Prince. He is currently living in Washington, PA and is the host of Brainwrap in Theater 3, a podcast about cult movies...



I have worked with many different computer operating systems, programs and web sites. Also, I wrote as an expert for eHow's Technology section.


For three years, I wrote for the Arts and Entertainment section of the acclaimed college newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum.


I have been using the Internet since I was 10 years old and managed numerous web sites, including an official website for Troma Entertainment Inc. Also, I wrote about many popular web sites (such as Netflix, Amazon and Facebook) for eHow.com's Technology section.