Kathryn Stanley

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Languages: English , French

I am a student at the University of Maryland studying Psychology and Creative Writing. Topics of interest include familial and romantic relationships, crafts, the arts, food and baking, and fashion.



My self-taught experience with fashion design and keen interest in current trends makes this a topic of expertise.


I have taken a variety of Psychology courses in my time at the University of Maryland. Most recently, I took a class dedicated entirely to Intimate Relationships. This course focused on familial and romantic relationships, with subtopics including information on: the building blocks of relationships, attraction, social cognition, communication, interdependency, friendship, love, sexuality, stresses and strains, conflict, the dissolution of relationships, power and violence, and techniques for maintaining and repairing relationships. I also participated in a year-long volunteer program with five other students, called the Couples Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). For this program, I was to watch videos of couples engaging in therapy because of abuse and/or violence in their relationship. I coded these videos and discussed them in the group, and I consequently learned a great deal about the inner workings of real-life relationships, as well as effective therapist helping techniques and tips. My continued independent research on the topic of familial and romantic relationships further qualifies me to write on this topic. I would love to write stories on a variety of topics which identify a problem in the realm of relationship psychology and offer tangible and applicable solutions. I'd like to cover stories such as, but not limited to: the importance of trust in couple relationships; forming couple relationships; identifying and addressing tensions in relationships; infidelity in romantic relationships; and abuse in relationships.


Cake decorating and baking have been hobbies of mine for a few years now, and I am very passionate about them.




University of Maryland, College Park