Martins Zabarovskis

Location: Latvia

Languages: Latvian , English , Russian

Finding and exploring new technologies in 2D and 3D printing

For more than 15 years I do customer support in production printing. I am certified engineer for SCREEN and FFEI CtP devices. Installing and supporting Production print workflows - FujiFilm XMF, EFI and Caldera. Now researching and experimenting with 3D printing.



I build my first RepRap 3D printer year ago. Since then I did a lot of research and developed some modifications and improved my printer. I can help with RepRap printer problems and also general 3D printing problems and issues.


More than 15 years I am working in production printing. Where correct and constant colors is a must. Monitor calibration, proof and print color management.



Technical Support specialist

KTA Graphic System
February 1, 2013 -
FujiFilm prepress equipment service. Supporting CtP users. Installing and supporting workflow systems (XMF, EFI XF). Screen PT-R installation and service support. AcuityLED1600 service, Color management for print and proof.