Matthew Johnson

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Languages: English

Matthew Johnson has been a freelance writer since 2009, with more than 400 articles on subject ranging from home improvement to computer maintenance and repair. Matthew is a former Military Police Officer with the US Army and has a degree in Criminal Justice. Matthew is also an actor and weapons master for independent films in the Southeast Michiga...



More than 15 years of experience in building, maintaining and upgrading both desktop and laptop computers.


More than 15 years of experience in installation of everything from desktop and laptop motherboards to hard drives, RAM, power supplies and expansion cards, as well as extensive experience in the installation and upgrades of peripheral devices like printers, scanners, monitors and sound systems.


More than 8 years as a weapons master and weapons technical advisor for films.


Freelance Writer

Demand Media Studios

April 1, 2009 - April 1, 2012
Wrote articles ranging from home repair to technology topics.

Owner/Weapons Master/Technical Advisor

MJ - The Gun Guy

March 1, 2004 -
Provide weapons training, prop firearms and technical advice to independent films in Southeast Michigan.

General maintenance

Harbour Cove Condo Association
January 1, 2004 - November 1, 2004
Actor in film and television



Finlandia University