Tahaira Sanders-Harrison

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Languages: English , Spanish

I am a new wife, a new mother, and going down a comepletly new road in life. I have a B.A. in Communications and Web Technology, however I have left corporate America to follow my dreams and be my own boss! Yikes! The jury is still out on whether or not this is a good idea! I love writing, advising, painting, fitness and all things family and f...



I have always been in love with love, but still shyed away from it just the same. I have learned love and what it is through my own actions and the actions of many, many others!


I would like to honor myself with the term "Guru", but that seems a bit cocky. When it comes to relationships whether they be romantic, family, friendships, pets, buisness I have seen it all!


Can you be Bargain Betty and Felicia Fashonista all rolled in one? Yes you can, and you would be me! I love the lastest fashions and what's hot today but I do NOT tolerate breaking the bank to look good... and I do look good!