Tom Wagner

Location: Los Angeles, California

Languages: English

Labeled the “Scourge of Delphi”—even though I grew up in LA and have yet to leave the North American Continent—I was banished by my people, the Lesser Mongoloids, for stealing the chief’s collection of toenail clippings and his original copy of the Last Supper rendered entirely out of lint and toe jam. After years of wandering aimlessly ...



I gained my bartending skills and basic knowledge through a course with National Bartending School, but as a writer with a vivid imagination and a taste for all things new and different—and a well-stocked bar at home—I have found experimentation fun and intoxicating... both literally and figuratively. Some of my concoctions are family recipes that I have refined, but most are products of my warped imagination.


In my twenty-five years of experience as an experimental chef I have concocted hundreds of original recipes and am willing to share them, a thing few chefs will do. I won't try to wow anyone with fancy presentation, but will instead impress the taste buds. This site, and three Southwestern United States newspapers have published several of my recipes.


I've been writing holiday-related articles for local newspapers in the Los Angeles area (as well as Las Vegas and San Diego) for the past four years, I have a love of history and excellent resources, and research has become second nature to me after years of freelance writing, making me as much of an expert on such an abstract topic as anyone, I suppose.


Freelance Writer

Self employed
Los Angeles
I write to entertain, enlighten, shock, disgust and delight.