aiden stone

Location: Yucat√°n

Languages: English , Spanish , Tagalog

About Stone

I'm a professional writer, published author and a researcher. I'm knowledgeable on many subjects due to the efforts of my research, college, seminars, and other learning venues that I've undertaken.

I've donated a lot of time to assisting others and helping in whatever way that I could, and I strive to continue...



I am a published author and I currently teach a writers workshop for new and aspiring writers. I am familiar with both traditional and self-publishing, getting agents, formatting books, etc. I think that I will be an asset to you in this subject!


My major in college was Psychology and I also have taken various courses and seminars on relationships, self-help, etc. I also am usually the one who everyone runs to for such advice. I'm also a philosopher, and a good one, so that makes a difference!


I am a semi-expert on basic computer skills, internet activity and usage, and basic website construction. I'm actually writing 3 books on these subjects, but for people who haven't used the pc before and are in need of good, basic advice. Technical information written in laymen's terms and in a point of approach that is fun and enjoyable learning.



Self employed
January 1, 1985 - June 1, 1992
I owned a small business development and incubation service. I assisted business startups in basic communication, developing business plans based on their ideas and business models. The clients were given the opportunity to meet others from the business development community and gain insider's knowledge of how to structure, operate/manage, and grow a business from the idea to the fruition.



University of North Texas


Cooke County College