Location: Kenya

Languages: English, Kiswahili, Gikuyu

A communication expert, writer, editor, motivational and inspirational content creator and career guide.

I am a seasoned Communication Expert, adept at crafting compelling narratives and refining messages for maximum impact. With a background in writing and editing, I bring a meticulous eye for detail to every project. As a Career Guide, I leverage this expertise to help individuals navigate their...



A communication Expert, adept at crafting compelling stories and refining messages for maximum impact. With a background in grant, appeal letter, and newsletter writing and editing.  

Career and Job Coaching

Guiding individuals into finding professions that align with their passion and strength and aspirations. I also help individuals to excel in job interviews.  

Religious motivation

As a religious coach, I blend timeless wisdom with modern strategies to help align spiritual beliefs with personal development and growth leading to a purpose-driven life, guided by faith.


Communication and Resource Mobilization

October 4, 2004 -
involved in coordinating the Resources Development Department which oversees Donor Liaison, Project Proposal Writing, Church Relations, and Communication aspects of the organization. This includes networking with development agencies, churches, and corporate organizations. Involved in developing yearly project proposals and coordinating result-based report writing for BTL projects and national levels. Involved in the design and implementation of a church relations and communications strategy enabling BTL to interact with close to thirty churches lifting the profile of its image in this constituency. Developing and preparing content for the organizational Newsletters, brochures, banners and other publicity materials

Child Support and Communication Support Officer

Community Education Concern
June 30, 1997 - January 31, 2001
Involved in child and family needs assessment, Data collection, and monitoring of sponsored children and schools as well as progress report writing. Involved in developing project proposals and implementing community development projects for needy families.


Graduate School

Daystar University


Kenyatta University