Cindy Scaccia

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Languages: English

Full time substance abuse counselor

I am a single mother and a full-time Substance Abuse Counselor. Writing online content is something I began doing about 8 years ago as a way to supplement my income. I soon grew to love researching topics and learning new things every day. While I don’t write full-time, I do take great pride in the content I produce. In my free time, some of my m...



I am a substance abuse counselor with 9 years of extensive knowledge of (as well as a personal history) addiction and recovery. When I began my journey in recovery, I decided I wanted to learn everything I could about addiction and why it is so horribly destructive. I began studying how drugs change the brain, what causes PAWS symptoms and the many ways to work on aftercare. I am currently studying for my masters in addiction sciences.


My health wasn't the best due to many years battling addiction, then, some years back, I found out I had Type 2 Diabetes. In recovery, I want what's best for myself and studied natural & herbal medicine and other forms of holistic well-being. I have done extensive research on nutrition & diet, superfoods, vitamins & minerals and natural dietary supplements.

Earning Money

I have found a career I love in social services, but it doesn't pay a decent living wage. I needed to find ways to cut costs, save money, and generally, get by on less. I began finding ways to make extra cash online-sometimes just pocket money (surveys, writing, micro-tasking) and sometimes better (market research studies, guest posting on blogs and in magazines and tutoring). I'm currently in the process of writing an ebook about side-hustles.


Substance abuse counselor

Community Healthlink
August 1, 2013 -
I work in a medical detox unit assisting client in a number of ways. I run daily substance abuse education psychotherapy groups. I assess each client to find what needs are to be met. I help them with aftercare planning by making referrals to treatment facilities and outpatient care. I help them get connected with health insurance and community resources that can benefit them in their journey of recovery.



Westfield State College