Jeenal Maniar

Location: india

Languages: English

hi, my name is jeenal

With a rich and dynamic career spanning 12 years, I am an accomplished interior designer whose passion for the craft has fueled a journey marked by creativity and innovation. Throughout my professional tenure, I have immersed myself in the world of design, transforming spaces into captivating environments that harmonize functionality and aesthetics...


Interior Designing

With a robust 12-year tenure in the field of interior design, I have cultivated extensive expertise in transforming houses into homes, combining functionality, aesthetics, and client satisfaction, all while adhering to budget constraints. My professional journey encompasses a wide spectrum of projects, from the initial stages of building a house to the meticulous process of infusing it with the unique essence of the client's vision. My proficiency lies in the seamless integration of architectural elements with interior design, ensuring a harmonious blend between the structure and its interior spaces. I am well-versed in collaborating with architects and builders during the construction phase, ensuring that the design seamlessly aligns with the overall architectural vision. This collaborative approach allows for a cohesive and well-thought-out design that enhances the overall ambiance of the space. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated an ability to balance creativity with practicality, tailoring designs to suit both the aesthetic preferences of the client and the functional requirements of the space. I take pride in my resourcefulness, often finding innovative solutions to meet design goals while staying within the specified budget. My portfolio reflects a diverse array of projects, ranging from residential homes to commercial spaces, each highlighting my commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized designs. Whether it involves selecting furnishings, coordinating color schemes, or optimizing spatial layouts, I approach every aspect of the design process with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating spaces that truly feel like home. As an interior designer, my mission is to not only meet but exceed client expectations, creating environments that not only reflect their unique tastes but also enhance their overall well-being. Through years of experience, I have developed a keen understanding of the delicate balance between form and function, making me a reliable and skilled professional in the realm of interior design.

Marketing skill for play area kids

With a dedicated focus on marketing play areas, I bring four years of dynamic experience to the table, specializing in creating engaging strategies that cater to both new and existing clients. My expertise lies in not only showcasing the recreational aspects of play areas but also tailoring activities to align with specific cultural festivals and creating enticing offers to drive business growth. In summary, my four years of experience in marketing play areas encompass a dynamic blend of creativity, client-centric strategies, and goal-driven initiatives. My commitment to adapting to evolving trends and consistently delivering engaging experiences positions me as a valuable asset in the expansion and success of play area businesses.  



March 1, 2018 - February 7, 2024

"DesignsThatWow: Elevating Spaces, Transforming Lives – Budget-Friendly Brilliance, Minimalist Marvels, Perfect Color Harmony."

This slogan encapsulates the essence of "DesignsThatWow," emphasizing your commitment to delivering remarkable interior designs that not only wow clients but also adhere to budget constraints. The mention of "Minimalist Marvels" highlights your proficiency in creating clean, sleek designs, while "Perfect Color Harmony" underscores your expertise in crafting spaces with impeccable color combinations. The overall message conveys a dedication to elevating spaces and transforming lives through aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly interior designs.


Graduate School

mumbai university


mumbai university