Marjonelle Manubay

Location: United States

Languages: English, Tagalog

31 Years worth of expertise.

Hey, My name is Marjonelle. I go by MJ. Been through a lot of things in my 31 years. I can give you advice about pets, adopting dogs, life, relationships, becoming your better self, fitness, whatever it may be..I can always give you a different perspective of your current situation.


Life / Love Relationships

I've helped people get out of their dark phases in life, out of depression, and just mentored them to find their best self and happiness. I've helped people find their self-worth, how to move on from a lost relationships, get over grief, and work through a relationship.

Self confidence

I am a big believer of empowerment. Towards whoever it may be you comes across. Everything that happens in your life starts from within you. If you aren't happy and you want things to change, you have to be able to look deep inside yourself and I can help you find whatever it is that's causing that feeling or whatever it may be you need to heal.

Law of Attraction

I definitely believe in the power of Law Of Attraction. I can help you find the center where you need to be when you want to say your affirmations or manifest something in your life.



Self Employed
Las Vegas
I work for myself, on my own terms.