Michaela Dean

Location: United Kingdom

Languages: English

19. Previously Engineering Apprentice

I have knowledge in engineering through an apprenticeship which gained me an ONC qualification. L3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

I am motivated through research and discovering new things I did not already know. I love to explain to people about things they do not know or understand to broaden their ...



I have grown with animals by my side throughout my whole life. I spend spare time learning more and experiencing more each day. I have owned animals as pets, Bred animals and worked with animals from on a farm to in a commercial pet store.


I began to follow through a career in Engineering by successfully applying for an apprenticeship. With this, I gained much experience within the practical sector of engineering - mechanical and electrical - and the theoretical skills and knowledge engineers require through a level 3 extended diploma ONC college course.


With my mother as a fully trained and qualified chef, who was working at high-end good-quality restaurants, I learned a lot about cooking through spending time at home with her in the kitchen learning new recipes and how to cook properly and to a good standard including health and safety in kitchens and with food.


Craft apprentice

British Aerospace
August 30, 2016 - October 30, 2019
I started to pursue a career in engineering with this apprenticeship after leaving high school, however, I found I would rather go into the animal sector of work.


High School

2011 - 2016


wigan and leigh college
2016 - 2018