Natalie Este

Location: United States

Languages: Fluent in English

Online Researching

Accomplished Sales, Management, and Customer Service Professional with over 10 years of experience in that department. A Homeschooling Teacher and owner. Researching Expert for An outgoing people person who sees the details that make up the big picture. Creatively provides answers to your solutions, to problems that you didn't know ...


Online Researching in General Category

I have been with since January 2020 assisting customers with their online research needs. I take great pride in what I do and only provide the utmost best knowledge I have come to acquire.

Hospitality, Customer Service,Management

I have over 10 years of experience working directly with people, unsupervised, and managing a team of employees by myself.

Blind Horse Trainer

I rescue blind senior horses and I train them to live normal lives. I also assist families with training their newly blind horses as this is my deepest passion. I do plan to start a 501c3 rescue in the future.


General Online Research Expert
Dollar Bay
January 1, 2020 -
I am still employed and I love what I do so much that I have decided to spread my assistance to other places as well.


Natalie's Private Property Management

January 1, 2020 -
I work for myself, managing and cleaning properties on an as-needed basis for clients.


Blind Horse Trainer
Dollar Bay
January 1, 2010 -
Assisting clients with their newly blind horses. Training and rescuing my own blind horses to live whatever normal life is even considered to be normal in this world. Special needs blind horses are my passion and I am bound and determined to show others that they are no different than any other horse and do not deserve to anything less than a loving, caring home and trainer.


High School