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Can I contribute to an Individual Retirement Account and the Thrift Savings Plan in the same year?


Yes. Participation in a TSP does not affect your ability to contribute to an IRA.


Yes. Participation in the TSP does not affect your ability to contribute to an IRA. However, because you are a uniformed services member covered by the uniformed services retirement plan, your ability to make tax-deductible contributions to an IRA depends upon your income and that of your spouse. Your IRA provider or your tax advisor can give you specific information about the different types of IRAs, the rules affecting each type, and how they apply to your situation. You can also obtain a copy of IRS Publication 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). If you have a traditional IRA that contains before tax money, but would prefer not to manage two separate accounts, you may transfer the balance of your traditional IRA into the Thrift Savings Plan. For more information, see Form TSP-U-60, Request for a Transfer Into the TSP.

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