Can I skip my period on Trifeme/Triphasil/ Triquilar/Logynon pills?

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1 Answer

• Can I skip periods if I use the vaginal ring? • Can I take the Minipill if I suffer from focal migraine and take medication for my blood pressure? • Can IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices) cause cancer? • Can alcohol or ecstasy make any difference to the contraceptive effect of the Pill? • Can my boyfriend and I use a condom if we make love in the shower? If not, which kind of contraception can we use? • Can the vaginal ring fall out of my vagina at any time? If not, how does it stay in? • Can you get pregnant from swallowing semen? • Every so often when I take the contraceptive pill, I get bleeding when my periods not due. Its not heavy, but enough to drive me crazy. What causes this? • First time sex, whats it like? • For the past 6 months, for a week before my period comes I have a really thick mostly black, slightly reddish discharge, and then my normal period starts. I don't have any pain. From what have read in the magazines about STIs I know one of the symptoms of Chlamydia is ... more
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