Can I sue the hospital?

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Sam Cordon Posted

My baby’s other arm doesn’t move a lot and I suspect that she’s suffering from Erb’s palsy. Is this condition treatable? 


If there’s a huge disparity between the movements of your baby’s arms, it’s highly possible that it could be Erb’s palsy. You may also want to check for your baby’s Moro reflex if you know how to do it properly. Only a medical exam could really confirm the diagnosis of Erb’s palsy, but fortunately, even if that’s the case, Erb’s palsy is treatable with therapy.

Erb’s palsy is not a genetic condition and is caused by physical trauma during the delivery process. If it has been found out that there was medical negligence involved when you gave birth, for instance, failure to recognize that a C-section was necessary, you can definitely try and sue the hospital and get compensated at least for your family’s pain and suffering. You might want to work with a birth injury lawyer who understands these types of cases more than anyone else. Visit for more info.