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Cook kitchen hood to choose for the kitchen?

jorika47 Posted

I like to cook. But I don’t like it when the smells of meat or fish spread all over the house. What hood to install in the kitchen that would avoid the spread of smells?


If you are looking to buy cookware, I recommend checking out the princess house store first. There is a large selection for different tastes. But personally, I bought myself a grill there and everything was fine. They also have an excellent princess house customer service


I understand what you are talking about, I also don’t like when the entire house smells of meat or fish and sometimes it even gets soaked in clothes. I hate this. So, after we ordered our kitchen from which also was a difficult decision, but their representatives helped us a lot, we started to look for the hood. Our friends helped us, sincerely I don’t remember the model but the smell, while I am cooking, doesn’t spread all over the house. Even if it makes little noise, at least my house doesn’t smell like fish, etc.

Glen Moore0 Glen Moore edited answer

Hi guys, thanks for your topic. So, do you think about good kitchen equipment? Because this topic is very close to me. Since I am a restaurant Manager, it is important for me to have good standards for my staff and the entire team. However, I suggest that you find the right equipment that can only be offered on the advice of different forums. And by the way on one of these forums I found a site which helped me a lot with that. What do you think about it?


Smoke, vapor, vapor and heat released during cooking can affect the air quality we breathe. This can have a negative impact on our health. You’re right to care about air quality.
I use the Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED. It cleans couples very well from cooking. I chose my hood hood on the best ductless range of hood on It helped me a lot to make my choice.


I have a central air conditioning system in the kitchen. I installed it during the renovation.

What is your question?

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