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Do I need different gymnastic shoes for different events?


Yes, generally, I think it is advisable to have different gymnastic shoes for different events. Now, mind you, this is not to say that you have to — a lot of people make use of general-purpose shoes that can suit any gymnastic event, from floor routines to apparatuses.

However, making use of different shoes for different routines offers a lot of advantages. For instance, there are shoes made specifically for floor routines with careful design considerations, while there are also some that are designed strictly for vaults, where their designs include padded soles for better shock absorption. 

When making decisions regarding your gymnastic shoes, one important thing to do is to always confer with a gymnastics shoe supplier. This can be your coach, who would have ample experience and will be able to guide you through, or professional retailers of gymnastic shoes with comprehensive guides on their pages.

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