Does CenturyLink offer wireless Internet access?

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1 Answer

CenturyLink does offer a wireless solution for Home Networking that allows you to connect multiple PC's and/or your laptop to your High-speed Internet line without installing any additional wiring in your home. A wireless router and adapter are all you need to have the flexibility to access the Internet from anywhere in your home. Wireless Networking is based upon a technology that uses radio frequencies to transmit data. Wireless technology functions by moving data through the air to and from your computers. As with any RF (Radio Frequency) based technology, wireless networking is subject to its environmental conditions. Indoor wireless distances typically range from 50-300 feet depending on the environment and how many walls are penetrated. Therefore, distance may be limited in certain environments including basement placement, houses with reinforced concrete walls and floors. It is suggested to try to avoid placement of the wireless router or cards near large metal objects, such ... more
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