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Does IF(intermittent fasting) really helps you reduce weight or fats?


Does IF(intermittent fasting) really helps you reduce weight or fats?

How? Is it good or does it have side effects on you?

Athena Druid57

Intermittent Fasting as NO health benefits. There are tons of dangerous side effects of IF. Below is a list of those side effects.

Severe headaches/migraines

Mood swings (the angry kind)

Heart palpitations (which can lead to things such as heart attack)

High fever

Flu symptoms

Low blood sugar (this can be very severe)

Lethargy (lack of energy)



Dehydration (the deprivation of fluids)


Polyuria (excessively urinating too much)


Skipping meals is NOT ever a good idea.

Never listen or take the advice from anyone who does IF. Nothing about it is safe or even effective.


To get rid of excess weight, it is enough to monitor your diet and devote more time to sports. And of course, you should monitor the work of your heart and blood pressure using while playing sports and just while walking. This tracker is unique in that you can track important symptoms and vital signs of your body.


If you are overweight, then you just need to monitor your condition during training in order to avoid overloading your heart.


There are many diets built on autophagy.
Nutrition consultants recommend once a week to practice autophagy. It’s early dinner and brunch. But there needs to be willpower. For me, a banana diet is more acceptable. It’s both tasty and healthy. You can read more about the banana diet
Bananas are a favorite delicacy of almost all children and adults. This delicious and healthy fruit is eaten at any holiday and often brought to the sick because it perfectly improves mood and gives energy.


Autophagy (interval fasting) is a natural process of regeneration, taking place at the cellular level, reducing the likelihood of some diseases and prolonging life.
In 2016, Japanese scientist Yoshinori Osumi was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering and researching the mechanisms of autophagy. These studies have been able to better understand diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

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